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We are home to the Wilderness Guide, Guardian Training, and Wild Moon Immersion Programs, the only wilderness living experiences of their kind. They were created because the modern way of life has isolated us from the Earth, each other, and our intrinsic selves. This has left many of us with a profound emptiness--confused and frustrated by our deep unmet yearnings for self-knowing and relevant relationship. Our mission is to facilitate the connection to self, and to the Earth. Learning bush crafts and hunting-foraging skills is an important part of the process, yet it is not enough... (Read more)

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Michel Scott, award-winning producer of The Horse Boy documentary, is producing a deeply touching and inspiring documentary on the Family Wilderness Guide Program participants’ journey before, during, and after the experience. Check out the sneak preview, and please consider donating to help Michel finish production.
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Guardian Intensive Training 2015 This intensive program is focusing on the Guardian way. On March 14th 2015 you start the training with an online course that guides you to integrate awareness practices in your everyday life. This is followed by time in the field immersed in the Headwaters Wilderness starting on May 30th 2015. To read about previous Guardian Training check out the Guardian Chronicles. Your role as Guardian is multifaceted--to serve as scout and emissary, provider and protector... Read More.
A Tracking Intensive 2015 Get your tracking abilities certified with the Cybertracker Track and Sign Evaluation and join us on the Quest for the Inner Tracker. Read More.
Family Wilderness Guide Program 2016 The theme of the 2016-17 Wilderness Guide Program is family. Parents with children, along with childless couples and single people who want to learn the clan living and parenting skills of hunter-gatherers are invited to attend. You will live as a clan, experiencing firsthand how untold generations of children were raised—and still are being raised in a few isolated areas.Click here for a full description of the program, or go to the Family Yearlong Blog to see what was going on at our last Family Wilderness Guide Program in 2012-2013.
Guardian Training 2016 As part of the Family Wilderness Guide Program there will be a a traditional Guardian camp a short distance from the main hearth. From there, they will engage in an intense training program of exercises, scouting, and performing missions in the service of the family clan. Read More.

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All proceeds from the book go to support the Wolf Sanctuary

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Guardian-Warrior Training Guardian-Warrior Training

Training to serve the circle of life requires developing all of our facets, finding what challenges us, and questioning our limits. The training itself is multi-faceted; it includes a wilderness immersion component as well as an on-line course, which integrates guardian awareness into everyday life.

Wild Moon Immersion Wild Moon Immersion

Be an honored guest at an old way encampment, similar to the scouting camps of our ancestors. Learn by observation and imitation, living with graduates of the Wilderness Guide Program, with excursions, craftwork, and hunting-foraging constantly going on.

Wilderness Guide Program Wilderness Guide Program

Experiential learning is the cornerstone of this 11-month wilderness immersion experience. Live day-to-day in a native- modeled encampment, learning and practicing the essential qualitative skills of communication and cooperation, along with all the skills needed to build, maintain, and live in a North Woods native camp.

Nadmadewining Community Nadmadewining Community

Our multi-faceted administrative campus and intentional healing community is called Nadmadewining, Ojibwe for Support Camp. School staff integrate the skills, customs, and awarenesses of native lifeway in our hybrid life that incorporates modern communication technology. Home to our budding children's culture.


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