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The Wild Moon Immersion and Wilderness Guide Program participants forage and hunt for some of their food and, varying with the season, they are provided with organic fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts, and exclusively wild meat, fish, and fat. (For an in-depth look at native diet and the variety of foods gifted by each season, see Tamarack's articles, The Diet We Were Made For and Fat Moons, Hunger Moons.) At Nadmadewening, the school's administrative center, the diet is similar, though it includes less wild foods.

This diet is patterned after that of our gatherer-hunter ancestors and is based on the foods we are designed to eat and thrive on. Along with drinking wild water, foraging for a good share of our food engenders an ever-deepening relationship with our Northwoods home and the plant and animal relations we live with.

In the Wild Moon and Wilderness Guide programs, participants cook food over an open fire, often primitively (without metal pots or pans).
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