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The Writings of Tamarack Song


From practical crafts and skills to child rearing and the quest for self-knowing, Tamarack's writings span the spectrum of Native lifeway. He has nearly 30 books worth of material, which are now being prepared for publication. Our goal is to produce one to three books a year. (Tamarack's foundational text, Journey to the Ancestral Self, was published in 1994 and is currently available.)

In the meantime, people are asking for guidance on vital topics. In order to meet the need, we are making some of Tamarack's unpublished materials available as self-published booklets, in both hand-bound printed versions and e-books. When the material appears in published book form, the booklets will be discontinued.

If you need information on a topic not covered by Journey to the Ancestral Self or these booklets, please contact us with your request and we will consider making it available.



Extreme Survival Meat

Entering the Mind of the Tracker

Song of Trusting the Heart

Whispers of the Ancients

Journey to the Ancestral Self

Sacred Speech - Truthspeaking


Fat Moons, Hunger Moons

Banishment: A Path from Self to Circle

Born to Wander

Growing Up Native

Native Lifeway: The Circle Way

Finding a Guide and the Role of the Seeker

The Vision Quest: A Script for Life

Your Sacred Name: The Native Within

Your Animal Guide: Your Life Companion

The Sweat Lodge: A Return to the Womb

Medicine Plant, Medicine Animal: Ancestral Healer

Matedness: Two Hearts, One Fire

Death: The Song of Passing

As a Contributor

Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would You Forgive?